Further information about the NEOS complaints process

This information is from the Life Insurance Code of Practice, as adopted by all life insurance companies, including NobleOak Life Limited, the insurer for NEOS Protection and the NEOS Super Plan.

Fast resolution

You are entitled to make a complaint to us about any aspect of your life insurance, a claim, your experience with us, or with any third party that we have engaged, such as Unified Healthcare Group (UHG).

If you tell us that you have a concern about someone recommending our life insurance products who is not authorised by us, we will tell you how you can have the matter addressed.

Your complaint will be handled by someone different from the person or persons whose decision or conduct is the subject of the complaint.

We will notify you of the name and contact details of the person assigned to liaise with you in relation to your complaint.

We will only ask for and rely on information relevant to the investigation into your complaint and our response to your complaint.

If we become aware of errors and mistakes in the handling of your complaint, we will address these promptly.

We will make an arrangement with you for keeping you regularly informed about the progress of your complaint.

If we resolve your complaint to your satisfaction by the end of the fifth business day after it was received by us, then we will consider the matter closed.

Longer disputes

If your complaint is not resolved within five business days, or it relates to your hardship, a declined insurance claim, the amount of an insurance claim, or you require a response in writing, then longer time frames apply.

If we have come to a decision, then we will provide a final response to your complaint in writing within 45 calendar days* with the following information:

  • our final decision in relation to your complaint and the reasons for that decision;
  • that you have the right to copies of the documents and information we relied on in assessing your complaint, and if you request, we will provide you (or your doctor, where appropriate) with copies within 10 business days, subject to any legal constraints;
  • your right to take your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) if you are not satisfied with our decision, and the timeframe within which you must take your complaint to AFCA; and
  • contact details for AFCA.

If we are unable to make a decision about your complaint within 45 calendar days*, then before that period expires, we will inform you of:

  • the reasons for the delay;
  • your right to take your complaint to AFCA if you are not satisfied; and
  • contact details for AFCA.

*If your complaint is about a plan owned by a superannuation trustee, then under superannuation law, the 45 calendar day limit changes to 90 calendar days.

External dispute resolution

The AFCA is available to customers and third parties who fall within the AFCA Rules and Guidelines. They provide consumers with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.

If our final decision does not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, or if we do not resolve your complaint within the timeframes required above, you may refer your complaint to the AFCA. External dispute resolution determinations made by the AFCA are binding on us in accordance with the AFCA Rules.

Both the AFCA and NEOS encourage you to attempt to resolve your complaint directly with us first, before approaching the AFCA.

You may also wish to seek independent legal advice.