NEOS Payment Authority Form

Do you need to update your premium payment details? If so, you can call us directly on 1300 090 188 or complete this form and email it to

NEOS Super Plan Enduring Rollover Authority Form

This form is required if you've purchased life insurance using the NEOS Super Plan. It gives your authority for the annual rollover of funds from your nominated super fund, to the NEOS Super Plan, for the payment of your premiums.

NEOS Super Plan Death Benefit Nomination Form

If you've purchased Life Cover using the NEOS Super Plan, this form allows you to nominate who should receive your insurance benefit in the event of your death.

Guide to identity certification

This document outlines why we require proof of identity and the identity documents we accept.

NEOS tele-interview guide

This guide includes everything you need to know about our tele-interview process including how to prepare, what information is required and how we use your information.

NEOS Super 2019 Annual Report

This is our current Annual Report for the NEOS Super Plan for the year ended 30 June 2019.