Getting to know NEOS Protection 5 April 2021

The NEOS Product Brochure provides a high-level summary of our cover types, their key benefits, valuable features and optional extras. This brochure has been designed to help you describe NEOS Protection to your clients.

NEOS Protection Unique Features

Looking for a quick overview of what makes NEOS Protection unique when compared to other product offerings? Then look no further. This documents provides all the information you’d like to know.

It’s time for a new way of life

Our adviser brochure provides an overview of our business and adviser offer. It also includes information on our partners and why your clients can be confident at claims time.

NEOS SoA Wording Examples

This document is designed to assist you in preparing a Statement of Advice (SoA) or Record of Further Advice (RoFA) for your client. Specifically, it includes wording examples that can be used to help describe who NEOS is and the key benefits offered under NEOS Protection.

NEOS tele-interview guide

This guide includes everything you and your client need to know about our tele-interview process. This includes how to prepare for a tele-interview, what information is required and how we use that information.

NEOS Brand Use Authorisation Form

Would you like to include the NEOS logo on your website or marketing collateral? If so, please complete this form, send it to us and we'll provide the logo file.