NEOS Protection Adviser Guide

This Adviser Guide is designed to assist you in writing life insurance with NEOS by explaining our product and pricing approach, our underwriting and claims requirements, as well as our administrative processes. It should be read together with the NEOS Protection Product Disclosure Statement.

NEOS Protection Data Capture Form

Heading to a client meeting where you won't have access to a computer? This form has been created to help you capture the information necessary to complete a NEOS online application when you return to your office.

NEOS Super Plan

Required forms

Here are the important forms your client will need to complete if they’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, life insurance using the NEOS Super Plan.

NEOS Super Enduring Rollover Form

This form provides your client's authority for the annual rollover of funds from their nominated super fund, to the NEOS Super Plan.

NEOS Super Binding Death Benefit Nomination Form

Use this form to make a binding death benefit nomination for NEOS Super plans.


Plan administration forms

We’ve kept our forms to the absolute minimum as most requests can be handled over the phone or via email. However, the few forms we do have, are provided below. All forms are writable PDFs so there’s no need to print – simply download the form, type in the responses and email it to us at

Death Benefit Nomination Form – Ordinary

Use this form to make a death benefit nomination for ordinary (non-super) NEOS Protection plans.

NEOS Medical Authority Form

This form is to be used by your client to provide their authority for their medical practitioner to release their personal medical information to NEOS.

NEOS Payment Authority Form

Does your client wish to update their payment details? If so, you can call us directly or complete this form and email it to

Guide to Identity Certification

This document outlines why we require proof of identity and the identity documents we accept.

NEOS Declaration Signing Form

This form has been designed to allow advisers to capture their client’s physical signature confirming the client’s agreement with the declarations in the NEOS Protection application. Advisers can then save the completed form in their file for that client.