Life insurance done differently

NEOS was created to significantly improve the way life insurance is delivered in Australia today.
We’re committed to setting a new standard in the life insurance industry, with fairer, guaranteed pricing, faster decisions and overall better customer outcomes.
Our market leading underwriting process not only delivers a great experience for advisers and their clients, we’re also fast. We aim to make 80% of underwriting decisions in 3 working days.
We are 100% Australian owned and 100% focused on the adviser market which means you can expect great service, all of the time. This means registered advisers get a dedicated underwriter, service consultant and BDM.
We call it the NEOS Experience.




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The NEOS Experience is what makes us different and what makes us better. We employ the best people in the industry who share our passion for outstanding service. This means the NEOS Experience is embedded in our culture:
  • It’s the super-fast turnaround Experience.
  • It’s the highly proactive and not waiting to be asked Experience.
  • It’s the finding solutions and leaving no stone unturned Experience.
  • It’s the delivering on promises Experience.
  • It’s the working with people you know and like Experience.
  • It’s the being consistent and reliable Experience.
  • It’s the open and honest Experience.
  • It’s the treating everyone as an individual Experience.
  • It’s the simple, common-sense Experience.
This is how NEOS is setting a new standard in life insurance.

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