Quality without compromise

We know there are many factors which influence the recommendations you make to your clients.

But at the end of the day, what really matters is whether the recommended product meets your client’s needs, at a price they can afford, both now and into the future.

That’s why, instead of aiming to be ‘all things to all people’ and delivering mediocre service at a high price, we’ve built a focused life insurance offer that provides value-for-money protection for regular, healthy people, with everyday needs.

This means we’ve removed unnecessary (and expensive) complexity and inefficiencies from our processes by not offering niche products like Business Expenses or cover for jumbo sums insured.

The result is a highly-rated suite of cover types available as self-owned or superannuation owned plans, that will meet the needs of the majority of clients, at very competitive prices.


Optimised for healthy clients with everyday needs

By not having to fund legacy systems, laborious processes, inefficient corporate overheads or loss-making legacy books, we can provide sharper, fairer and more accurate pricing. Our aim is to be particularly competitive for your regular, healthy clients, with everyday needs.

What’s more, we know how important premium rate stability is for your clients. And we know it’s also crucial for you as the industry transitions to the new Life Insurance Framework.

To support premium rate competitiveness and stability we will:

NEOS Express

Makes getting better priced cover simple, and fast

We’re committed to being the easiest and most efficient insurance partner to do business with. Which is why we’ve designed NEOS Express, so you can get your healthy clients cover, at a better price, fast.

If your client has been fully underwritten in the last three years, NEOS Express may allow them to obtain better priced cover with NEOS Protection without having to complete a full personal statement.


Life in the fast lane

Building a business is tough. We know, we’re also doing it ourselves. Once your client decides to take your advice it’s in everyone’s interest to get them covered quickly and efficiently. They need to be covered and you need to be paid.

We understand the strain that a lack of cashflow can place on a business. And we’re more than aware that the introduction of the Life Insurance Framework puts further pressure on advice businesses as a result of reduced commissions and the extended responsibility period.

It’s why we’ve put rapid underwriting at the heart of our business. And why we’re targeting making 80% of underwriting decisions in three working days.

We can deliver on this promise because:


New business.
Old fashioned service

Not everything from the past needs to be reinvented. Some things, like outstanding adviser and customer service, simply need to be reintroduced.

Good communication is the basis of any strong relationship and while it’s a very simple principle, it’s one that many in our industry seem to have lost sight of.

For us, it’s front of mind. We understand that our actions affect your clients’ perception of you.

That’s why:


Fast & easy to use, with
information at your fingertips

In designing the technology suite to support our business, great care and consideration has been taken to seek out the best available systems and ensure their seamless integration.

We’ve then applied our decades of experience and understanding of how advisers work to create a 100% online technology solution which is simple, intuitive and highly-efficient. Saving you and your staff time, money and frustration.